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A fresh home design for spring!

It’s been a year since the World Health Organisation announced the Covid-19 pandemic! After 2020 full of restrictions and long, long winter, it’s the very time to breathe again. Thank God the spring is finally here! Knock the door of the new season at home by getting your spaces into warm-weather shape with a seasonal spring refresh, and breathe new life into your home with some easy spring updates. To help you give your rooms a thorough spring refresh, we’ve compiled a checklist to inspire you to ready your spaces for the season.

Easy Tips for the Spring Cleaning 

The start of spring is a great time to re-motivate yourself with small tasks to put your home into shape. Here are some of the essential cleaning tips for your spring rejuvenation. 

1. Hide the Winter Essentials

Wash your big blankets, comforters, and quilts, and get your chunky sweaters and winter coats dry cleaned. Then stash them all away until it’s the bundle-up season again.

2. Clear Out the Mess 

It’s time to get rid of those piles of mail and papers in high-traffic areas, like your entrance, kitchen, or family room. This move will free up some space in ways that might surprise you. 

3. Tidy Your Cellar 

The cellar is an easily forgotten space in the home where you might find some things you need to toss out. Take time to give this spot a thorough sweep.

4. Restyle Your Surfaces

Swap in new decor by using accessories and/or books for your coffee table, dresser, and shelves to give them an attractive spring refresh.

5. Refresh Your Bathroom

Sounds simple enough, but switching out the shower curtain, adding some small plants and a scented candle, and swapping in new light bulbs can do wonders to open up this often neglected space. 

Minor Decor Updates for the Spring

A few simple decor updates are the perfect way to make a significant impact with minimal effort (and cash). Give your space an easy spring refresh with these five easy-to-tackle decoration updates.

1. All You Need is Some Greenery

There’s no better way to welcome spring than with leafy plants and pretty flowers. A few well-placed plants can help liven up empty corners and brighten surfaces.

2. Brighten Your Walls

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint or some new art on the walls to bring a unique perspective to your rooms. 

3. Swap in New Pillows

It’s the easiest way to give your living room and bedroom a fresh boost of colour and pattern. This spring refresh is also super affordable. 

4. Add a Natural Fiber Rug

Roll up those heavy wool rugs and lay down a natural-fiber rug instead to open up your rooms and usher in a relaxed vibe. 

5. Hang Some Mirrors

One way to spread more light around your rooms is to make space for mirrors. Any piece with a reflective surface will help the light to bounce around your room and make it feel open and more airy!  

Furniture Upgrades Perfect for the Spring

Turn your spring refresh into an overhaul by swapping out larger pieces of furniture. If you’ve been looking to finally upgrade your sofa, look to spring as the perfect time to make it happen.

1. Go For That New Sofa

If you’ve been sitting on the idea of a new sofa, spring is the perfect time to pull the trigger.

2. Get a New Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a smaller way to make a spring refresh, a new coffee table can be a great place to start. The centre piece of any living room, a new coffee table can give your space a completely new look for a fraction of the price of a new sofa.

3. Consider a New TV Stand

This is the focal point in many living rooms, so don’t let the need for function force you to sacrifice style. There are actually a lot of cool TV stand choices out there now, and spring is the perfect time to switch it up. Check our products!

4. Look for a New Bed

Most of us tend to buy a bed and then stick with it for much longer than we ought to. Spring is the opportune time to change up your snooze spot with a new bed. And there are lots of affordable styles out there. Our beds are amazing with their high-quality design materials.

5. Replace Your Nightstand

Not ready to pull in a big-ticket item like a new bed? Give your bedroom a mini update with major style with a new nightstand that’s just right.