Spring is upon us!

We have 4 Budget-Friendly and easy to apply decoration ideas to refresh your home for Spring 2022. Let's have a quick look!

1. Bring some colour to your bedroom by mixing in new throw pillows, blankets or vases. 

Indigo Bedroom Set

2. Hang a mirror around to open some space, to have a look — and feel — larger than it really is. 

Aren Dining Room Set

3. Light and pastel colour furniture gives the illusion of some more space. For example, take a tiny breakfast spot, just mix it with light-coloured chairs to achieve a lighter look and feel.

Marco Kitchen Set

4. Head to the antique store or your grandma's attic to find coloured glassware to put on display. Arrange them by colour, height, or any other way that pleases the eye.

Lorea Dining Room Set

We wish you a bright, warm, and beautiful Spring and a Happy Ramadan!