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Welcome to the summer season!

Here are some tips and tricks for you regarding house decoration and furniture:

1. Become simple: Purify yourself and keep what’s really important. Get rid of the emotional and material loads of last year. You know, simple is the best always ...

2. Create a difference: All we need is change this summer, our homes need to get nurtured by sunlight as well as our hearts!

3. Rearrange it: If you can’t change it, you can rearrange it. That old chairs or table might look better in the garden with a touch of cushion or a cheering table cloth...

4. Cheer up: Forget the rainy old month and cheer up your garden’s coffee table with some splashy flowers. Btw outdoors rugs are sooo popular this year.

5. Bring something new: A small piece, or a large one, maybe an artwork, a new dressing table, a little vase, or a new dining room set. This summer, everyone deserves a new beginning for a new life. Just pick one for yourself.

Take care and enjoy the summer breeze and the sunlight!