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3 Seater
  • D. 88 cm
  • W. 223 cm
  • H. 80 cm
3 Seater - Bed View
  • D. 107 cm
  • W. 184 cm
  • H. 0 cm
2 Seater
  • D. 88 cm
  • W. 171 cm
  • H. 80 cm
  • D. 87 cm
  • W. 74 cm
  • H. 94 cm
Deluxe Armchair
  • D. 87 cm
  • W. 72 cm
  • H. 88 cm


The Indigo set stands out with its modern lines and different design lines. The visual richness of the wood and metal used on the legs has been brought to the fore by combining it with a modern line. It adds extra beauty to living spaces with its comfortable seating structure. According to the taste and price preferences of the consumers, two different armchair alternatives are offered with wooden frame and regular style. It comes to the fore with its colour harmony, style, details appealing to fine tastes and aesthetic design. High feet are used in the units and ease of cleaning is provided. The product has the feature of being a triple unit bed.