Product Content

Product Sizes

  • D. 1030 cm
  • W. 2100 cm
  • H. 890 cm
  • D. 1000 cm
  • W. 2510 cm
  • H. 890 cm
  • D. 910 cm
  • W. 860 cm
  • H. 1040 cm
  • D. 710 cm
  • W. 580 cm
  • H. 1130 cm


Our Karat Sofa Set is designed for the avant-garde style sofa set requirement in our series. With the details in our product, a stylish concept has been created with the Karat Dining Room, and a privileged appearance is provided with the button and quilt application on the back. Karat Sofa Set consists of a three seat sofa, a two seat sofa, and two armchairs. Chair, coffee table and side table options are also included in our series.